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  • DJ James Bowers

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    Hi James, Tell us a bit about yourself:
    I’m a child of the 90s, meaning I grew up loving artists like Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, as well as your standard 90s pop acts. I’ve always loved dance music, and consider myself lucky to have grown up listening to old-school funky house and some of the more electronic dance music from that era. If you pop along to one of my nights, this will become apparent as I just can’t resist throwing in the odd bit of Livin’ Joy! My music taste is all over the place – ice gone through stages in my younger days of being an indie, but one genre I’ve always loved is dance – it’s very convenient for me that most pop songs in the charts at the moment are actually either dance or going toward deep house! I absolutely loathe non-commercial dubstep, and can just about bear drum & bass, but for me it’s all about liking the melody. Lyrics and BPM aren’t so important to me but the general theory is, if I like it, I’ll play it!


    What made you become a DJ?
    I’ll be quite honest here: Boredom! I taught myself to mix whilst living in halls during my first year of uni, and after a few flat party performances, decided to join the university radio station. It was a very slow process but I gradually managed to climb the ranks until I was picked to start DJing in my students’ union. After a few performances alongside the likes of Ms. Dynamite, Tim Westwood and Greg James (Radio 1), I managed to swindle a few gigs here and there and the rest is history!


    What’s the highlight of your career so Far?
    It sounds pretty cringe, but at a gig where I went on stage after Tim Westwood (Radio 1 xtra), I decided to head up about 10 minutes early to set up. His meathead of a bodyguard was having none of it so I started to head back down the steps. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned round to an angry Tim Westwood telling his bodyguard off and saying “it’s fine he’s with me!”. Claim to fame right there lol.


    Whats the Weirdest thing that’s happened to you in a DJ booth?
    Oh my! All sorts. It’s pretty standard to get molested and flirted with by punters – but one time when a drag was on-stage performing, she decided to incorporate me into her act by bending down in the booth and pretending to… I’m sure you can guess. Anyhow I couldn’t exactly do the usual and tell her to bugger off so I just had to roll with it as people wolf-whistled and laughed. My straight friends were also in the audience that night – one of the most awkward moments of my life!


    What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Tough one! I don’t really have any, as I’m pretty open and if people don’t like me then they can go lump it – but I absolutely LOVE cheesy music. I have a massive knowledge of 80s music for someone who was born in 1990, but I also adore the 90s music I grew up with. Did I mention the first cassette I ever bought was ‘life is a flower’ by Ace of Base, and the first CD I bought was ‘Maria’ by blondie?


    Name from memory 5 things in your fridge at the moment?
    There is pretty much nothing in my fridge right now as I never snapped out if the uni lifestyle and haven’t been shopping in 2 weeks because it’s too much effort! I think there’s some leftover pizza though?


    Favourite TV show as a kid?
    Easy! Zzzap! Followed by FunHouse (it’s a whoooole lotta fun!)

    How did you come out?
    I got smashed at uni and just told everyone. I studied Aerospace Technology with Pilot Training so as you can imagine it’s a course full of typical lads but much to my relief they were very supportive and if anything it brought us closer! Still need to tell mum & dad though… About that…


    Where was your first gig?
    My students’ union nightclub was my first paid one – I’d done loads of free ones at parties & as part of my uni’s radio station before that though!


    One person you would love to work with? and why?
    I don’t really produce any music so I can’t really see why I’d want anyone sharing my DJ booth – as long as you guys are packing out the dance floor, that’s enough for me! It has to be said though – a friendly team on the bar & venue can really make even the toughest nights enjoyable.


    If you could sleep with 3 celebrities who would they be?
    Oh… Er… There’s too many to list but I’d turn straight for Mila Kunis!


    My favourite drink is?
    Long Island Iced Tea, with the sea in front of me :-)


    One piece of advise you would give for life is?
    Don’t ask me.


    Quick Fire

    Night in or night out? OUT. Always!
    Restaurant or Takeaway? Takeaway… After the night out! 😉
    Winter or Summer? Summer
    Shower or bath? Shower
    Abroad or home? Abroad
    Eastenders or corrie? Both are shit. Emerdale all the way! Gotta love a bit of Edna.
    Wine, Dine or 69? In that order.


    Loft NR1 is lucky enough to have DJ James Bowers as one of our Saturday Night resident DJ’s. Check out our Events Page to see when you can next meet up with him.

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