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    About DJ Rob Davis
    Back in 2005 DJ Rob took on the interest in DJing for the first time and got the opportunity to play some tunes with his mate at a local pub. He built some friends and a reputation and attracted a small crowd that supported him during that time thanks to his friend and management at the pub.
    Back in 2009 DJ Rob took on new challenges and decided to take it on more full time by talking to a couple of other pubs in the area and managed to get some Saturday night slots in another pub which happened to be gay. Since then he has taken off and worked his way up by building relationships, climbing the ladder and getting those gigs and residencies all over the South East. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor is learning to DJ as well as getting those gigs. Time, effort, enthusiasm, patience, and appreciation will get you far!
    DJ Rob plays House, Dance, Pop, a cheeky bit of Cheese, Commercial club and house remixes, and loves a bit of old skool RnB.
    He can be found today in Soho, Southampton, Crawley, Guildford and Norwich. And occasionally in Essex and Brighton.
    What made you wanna become a DJ?
    The inspiration of others! Loving music from childhood and having a passion and interest for playing to a crowd and getting the atmosphere going. By standing and shaddowing other DJs and knowing the right people I was able to learn from them and get to where i am today. The key is knowing and loving your music :)
    What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
    Getting to where I’ve got to today! Also DJing in Brighton pride parade and Norwich pride 2013. I want to next do Manchester or London!!!
    Whats the Weirdest thing that’s happened to you in a DJ booth?
    I can’t think of one particular event, but I always do get the most weirdest conversations from very intoxicated people! Some of it can be very funny but very very strange…. It amazes me how alcohol can fuel the randomness !!
    Whats your guilty pleasure?
    A night in with the duvet, TV on, cup of tea and a whole packet of bourbons! #heaven
    Name from memory 5 things in your fridge at the moment?
    parmesan cheese
    bio Yogurt
    pasta sauce
    chocolate cake
    Favourite TV show as a kid?
    Fun House and CBBC
    How did you come out?
    By pushing open the closet door from the inside and jumping out :)
    Where was your first gig?
    In a small bar in Guildford, Surrey back in 2005! I was their Tuesday night resident. #neverforget
    One person you would love to work with is? and why?
    Simon Cowell. Great business mind! Someone who’s worked from the bottom up and a great idol in music and TV
    If you could sleep with 3 celebrities who would they be?
    Joey Essex (who wouldn’t), Jeremy Gilbert (Vampire Diaries) and Justin Timberlake
    One piece of advise i would give for life is?
    Chose your friends carefully, and once you have, never betray, always be loyal and you will have a friend forever!
    Quick Fire

    Night in or night out? out then in 😉
    Restaurant or Takeaway? Restaurant
    Winter or Summer? Summer
    Shower or bath? Shower
    Abroad or home? Abroad
    Eastenders or corrie? Switch the TV off now please!
    Wine, Dine or 69? all three! But that never happens.

    Loft NR1 is lucky enough to have DJ Rob Davis as one of our Saturday Night resident DJ’s. Check out our Events Page to see when you can next meet up with him.

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