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  • DJ Richard Moon


    What made you want to become a DJ?
    I visited Magaluf for my 18th Birthday and went to a club called BCM – it was massive! You could stand on a balcony and see right into the DJ box and I found it fascinating. I thought to myself, I’d love to be the person to fill the room with music. create an atmosphere and get people screaming and dancing. So when I got back off holiday I invested in a pair of decks and sound system, started to build up my music collection and self-taught myself from there with a little bit of help from another DJ who I’ve always looked up to. Cheers Robbie!
    Whats been the highlight of your career so far?
    Bearing in mind I’ve only been DJing for about 3 years, my favourite gigs so far have to be Pride events, especially Birmingham Pride – everyone was just so up for it! I’d like to say I remember it, but I don’t. People kept buying my Jägerbombs all weekend, I was wrecked! I can’t wait for this years festival.
    What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you in a DJ booth?
    I’m afraid there’s a court restriction order on that, so I can’t say.
    What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Erm, Probably a small amount of cheesy and camp music (in SMALL moderation!) You’ll never hear me admit to it though.
    Name from memory 5 things in your fridge at the moment?
    Vodka, WKD’s, Magners, Redbull.. and some babybells too.
    Favorite TV show as a kid?
    That’s So Raven!
    How did you come out?
    I was ‘outed’ at school by other students which was a horrible experience because I hadn’t even come to understand or accept it myself. Though setting my MySpace Sexuality to ‘bisexual’ probably wasn’t the best choice beforehand. I came out to my family during a big argument when I was 15 – that shut them up!
    Where was your first gig?
    A mate of mine gave a short 20 minute set during his gig at a straight bar in Leicester for some experience, and what did I play? Britney and Gaga! My first proper paid gig was at Helsinki Club, in Leicester.
    One person you would love to work with is? and why?
    Patsy Stone? Is she available?
    If you could sleep with 3 celebrities who would they be?
    Tom Daley, Brent corrigan, Tom Daley.
    My favorite drink is?
    Vodka Redbull, I drink about 6 pints of milk a day though. Moooo
    One piece of advice I would give for life is?
    Have no regrets, the past was just practice.
    Quick Fire

    Night in or night out? Honestly? Night in!
    Restaurant or Takeaway? Takeaway
    Winter or Summer? Autumn
    Shower or bath? Shower
    Abroad or home? Abroad
    Eastenders or corrie? Corrie
    Wine, Dine or 69? All 3 if you don’t mind, in that order!

    Loft NR1 is delighted to have DJ Richard Moon as one of guest DJ’s. Check out our Events Page to see when you can next meet up with him.

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