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  • DJ Nikki Elise

    About DJ Nikki Elise
    DJ and Producer Nikki turns up the heat every set. Delivering the rudest new sounds in House – Dutch, Bass,Tech, Breaks, Dubs, Electro and all the hybrids. she has evolved her amazing ‘house of elise’ to suit every need of all you norwich gays!


    What made you wanna become a DJ?
    When I stared in radio at about 21 it didn’t pay very well. All the guys were out doing extra gigs DJ’ing. I thought it looked awesome, I practised near daily for 6 months, bought a pioneer set up and within 6 months I was out doing gigs and getting paid.


    Whats been the highlight of your career so far?
    Back in the days of hard dance I played with all of my hero’s … Annie Mac, Judge Jules, Tidy Boys, Lisa Pin Up, Lisa Lashes, Goldie, Marcel Woods, Tim Westwood, Dave Pearce. …I literally could go on but I’ll stop there
    What’s the Weirdest thing that’s happened to you in a DJ booth?
    Well if I’m being honest a Blonde lady who asked me for Sex in the DJ booth, yes at the Loft! Honestly I’ve played around the world but nothing has stopped me in my tracks more than that, I was actually speechless…. I politely declined… er No… was all I could muster

    What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Watching Brittan’s got talent. I love watching it before I get ready for work. I love a good laugh and it hits the spot. I think they should re-name the audition sections to Brittan’s got Muppets!

    Name from memory 5 things in your fridge at the moment?
    Massive joint of Lamb as I’m DJ’ing tonight so won’t get up till 5pm Sunday then I need dinner cooked ready! Cheese I’m an addict! Wine – Californa White Cat food… more cat food.

    Favorite TV show as a kid?
    Dungeons and dragons.

    How did you come out?
    Who is writing these questions? WTF is it a gay bar? No one told me…I haven’t yet! lol

    Where was your first gig?
    I did a gig alongside my late friend Adi Linton who was a very well established DJ and wonderful man. It was all part of the vibe FM days in some spots hall. I can’t recall where probably Norfolk at a guess! He played then I did my first ever Dj mixing set and some mic work. Bloody brilliant fun, such a buzz so stressful, I never looked back

    One person you would love to work with? and why?
    French and Saunders, ok that’s two I know. They were my inspiration growing up there were very few female comedians about. I recorded a lot of VHS tapes back in the day

    If you could sleep with 3 celebrities who would they be?
    Haha are you fecking serious! I’m married I can’t disclose such info. Ok if I was forced I would have to say Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Mark Walberg. What a gay one? Ok for gays sake Angelina Jolie 😉

    My favorite drink is?
    Tequila… Jose Cuervo Silver ONLY this no other shit will do!!

    One piece of advice i would give for life is?
    Know people, listen, have lots of friends, collect only the good ones, keep the lifers.

    Quick Fire

    Night in or night out? Night in as I work 6 days a week and never have time to go out!
    Restaurant or Takeaway? Takeaway Chinese style
    Winter or Summer? Winter brings snowboarding and snow for my Quadbike!
    Shower or bath? Shower
    Abroad or home? Home
    Eastenders or corrie? I Fu*kin hate soaps!
    Wine, Dine or 69? Come on.. TEQUILA BABY

    Loft NR1 is delighted to have DJ Nikki Elise as one of guest DJ’s. Check out our Events Page to see when you can next meet up with her.

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