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  • DJ Jezza


    About Jezza…
    With over 15years professional and international experience in the entertainment industry DJ Jezza and his lead by example life of the party attitude to DJing and entertaiment makes him a huge asset to any venue a true professional extremely multi talented and his big character along with a diverse understanding of the industry put him at the pinicle of his game

    Also if that wasn’t enough his talents also include;
    Fire art
    Stilt walking
    Angle grinding
    Human statuing
    Street dancing craziness as the managing director of entertainment rescue limited he provides the Industry with a huge array of quality entertainment special effects and much more


    What made you wanna become a DJ?
    I used to be a street dancer the guy who tough me to dance was also a dj so it was always going to happen!


    Whats been the highlight of your career so far?
    DJing /hosting the main stage at sundown festival in front of 20,000 people


    Whats your guilty pleasure?
    Blow jobs


    Name from memory 5 things in your fridge at the moment
    Eggs, Chocolate, Fruit juice, Baby bells and ham


    Favorite TV show as a kid?
    Too many to chose from 80/90’s TV was amazing A-team bay watch night rider terra hawks save by the bell fresh prince


    One person you would love to work with is? and why?
    Angelina to steel her from brad! Used to be michael jackson but can’t do that now


    If you could sleep with 3 celebrities who would they be?
    Angelina, elizabeth Berkeley (show girls & Erica elanik (old Skool baywatch) ALL AT ONCE lol


    Quick Fire

    Night in or night out? Out
    Restaurant or Takeaway? Take away ummmm chineese
    Winter or Summer? Summer unless I’m snow boarding
    Shower or bath? Shower
    Abroad or home? Home
    Eastenders or corrie? Enders
    Wine, Dine or 69? All 3


    Loft NR1 is lucky enough to have DJ Jezza as our Thursday Night resident DJ. Check out our Events Page to see when you can next meet up with him.

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